About Us

Board of Governance

CASA is an organization that is essential to the abused and neglected children of our community. We, as the Board of Governors, are committed to providing the strategic leadership and fundraising support necessary to ensure CASA's continuing success. 

CASA's mission is an essential element of the successful Children's Court at the Bexar County Courthouse. Through CASA's efforts, thousands of children are given a voice they would otherwise not have in critical decisions about their lives.

CASA's success at achieving our mission deserves specific mention. Last fiscal year, CASA served 1,896 children by mobilizing the efforts of 571 volunteer Advocates. This is a record-breaking number of children in our 31 year long history of providing service to the children of Bexar County. The Board remains committed to not only the achievement of CASA's mission, but also to the responsible and prudent use of donor and volunteer contributions.

Chairman of the Board

Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore