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Location: CASA, San Antonio, TX 78212
Employment Type: Full time
FLSA: Non-exempt

Job Description

An Advocate Supervisor is responsible for developing Volunteer Advocate Advocates by providing pertinent information, education, oversight, training and strong support to the Volunteer Advocate. This position oversees and participates with Volunteer Advocate Advocates as they carry out their fact finding and other advocacy services to the children we serve. Assesses and advocates for the needs of youth preparing to transition from foster care. Demonstrates and champions alignment with company’s vision, mission, and values in daily work actions. Demonstrates a commitment to and support of diversity by complying with CASA’s EEO policies, regulations, and procedures. Participates in community awareness efforts to include fundraising and Volunteer Advocate recruiting. Accept all other duties, as assigned.



  • Provides Volunteer Advocate assessments to team managers for review.
  • Conducts Volunteer Advocate exit interviews.
  • Attends court hearings, staffings and documents judicial referrals and outcomes.
  • Executes strategies to effectively work within the judicial and child welfare systems.
  • Facilitates initial introduction and meetings between the professionals and the child’s caretakers in each case.
  • Instructs the Volunteer Advocate in the assessment of the parents and extended family’s ability to care and protect the child.
  • Ensures Volunteer Advocate Advocates write and maintain updated court reports in a correct and timely manner.
  • Provides community and local resources information to Volunteer Advocate Advocates.
  • Works in a collaborative manner with Texas Department of Public Safety to ensure a professional relationship between CASA, TDFPS and the Volunteer Advocate.
  • Informs Volunteer Advocate of achievements on consistent basis as warranted.
  • Maintains consistent communication with each Volunteer Advocate.  Minimum communication standard is monthly communication.
  • Updates case files consistently and closes files effectively.  Written evaluations due to Volunteer Advocate Advocates within 15 days of case closure.
  • Provides Volunteer Advocate Advocates that are in good standing with opportunity to select another case upon closure of current case.
  • Maintains files and cases according to standards set by Texas and National CASA.  Tracks referred and non-referred cases.
  • Maintains current Volunteer Advocate requirements; driver’s license, auto insurance liability and activity log spreadsheet information.
  • Facilitates at a minimum bi annually advocate cultivation meetings.
  • Follows compliance with all grant reporting and adheres to quality assurance methodology.
  • Participates in a minimum of twelve hours of self-development training per year.

CASA Case Assignments

  •  Attends 14 day hearings, or 262’s to document judicial referrals.

Present and Assign Cases to Volunteer Advocates

  • Identifies reason for the match.
  • Ensures that the advocate meets the key professional players in the case.
  • Encourages the advocate to meet all key relatives including caretakers to become acquainted with the child’s circumstances and needs.
  • Assists the advocate to assess the parent’s and extended family’s ability to be protective of the children.
  • Proactively recruits advocate to accept additional cases, when appropriate.

Supervise the Work of the Volunteer Advocate

  • Accompanies the Volunteer Advocate to staffing’s at the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS), mediations, court hearings, Family Group Meetings, and Circle of Supports, when appropriate.
  • Assists Volunteer Advocates with the writing of the court reports.
  • Accompanies the Volunteer Advocate in field work, as appropriate.
  • Provides resource information and guidance.
  • When necessary, places restrictions to prevent a Volunteer Advocate from functioning outside the parameters of a Child Advocate role.
  • Collaborates with staff at TDFPS to facilitate a smooth, professional relationship with CASA and the Volunteer Advocate.
  • Serves as a role model for the Volunteer Advocate by demonstrating alignment with the agency’s vision, mission, and values in daily work actions and assures Volunteer Advocate do the same.

Advocate and Peer Coordinator Interaction

  • Ensures all Volunteer Advocates work to fulfill ongoing training requirements.
  • Initiates or solicits consistent communication with Volunteer Advocates to maximize constancy for children.
  • Initiates achievement evaluation reviews with Volunteer Advocates.
  • Reviews Volunteer Advocate separation to determine strategies which could be used in Volunteer Advocate retention.
  • Collaborates with Development Department and demonstrates willingness to solicit advocate donors to help obtain agency goals.

Coach, supervise, and monitor Volunteer Advocate advocacy effort

  • Continuously strategizes and seeks effective impacts on cases.
  • Follows Volunteer Advocate’s case progress.
  • Regularly updates status of Volunteer Advocates in database.
  • Assists in the mobilization of Volunteer Advocates to achieve goals established in Annual Plan.
  • Communicates with advocates on a monthly basis, at minimum.
  • Provides Volunteer Advocates with informed back-up support.
  • Executes strategies on effectively working with the judicial and child welfare systems.
  • Upon closure or within 15 days discuss with the Volunteer Advocate a time for them to pick up a new case.
  • Provides written evaluation of Volunteer Advocate’s advocacy efforts at case closure.
  • Ensures Volunteer Advocates advocate for transitioning youth using best practices as identified, as well as, youth specific assessment forms.


  • Ensures that case confidentiality is maintained.
  • Maintains detailed case records and updates weekly (both hard files and database). 
  • Completes all required reports in a timely manner. 
  • Updates the child’s advocacy plan monthly.
  • Ensures all case folders and Volunteer Advocate folders fall within the guidelines set forth by Texas and National CASA and participates in quarterly quality assurance audits.
  • Updates program statistical database for Volunteer Advocate impacts on children served.
  • Updates with Volunteer Advocates:  driver’s license, auto insurance liability, and activity log spreadsheet information.
  • Tracks judge agreement with final placement recommendations on case closure form and in database.
  • Tracks the number of children served in relation to goal established in Annual Plan.

Volunteer Advocate Retention

  • Studies, monitors, and gives feedback on Volunteer Advocate retention statistics.
  • Works with all staff to develop methods of increasing Volunteer Advocate retention.
  • Nominates Volunteer Advocates for applicable internal and community recognition awards.
  • Develops opportunities to expand Volunteer Advocate recognition throughout the community.
  • Develops and implement methods to accommodate challenges that impact constancy.
  • Facilitates a minimum of bi annually advocate cultivation meetings.

Quality Assurance

  • Ensures compliance with National and Texas CASA, OVAG, VOCA, United Way, and Kronkosky grant reporting, as well as, other grants received, as necessary.
  • Establishes, improves, and refines as necessary, CASA internal control procedures, including compliance with established procedures and best practices.
  • Participates in quality assurance on a quarterly basis.

External Contacts

  • Collaborates with the TDFPS to facilitate a smooth relationship between TDFPS personnel, CASA staff and Volunteer Advocates.
  • Maintains and enhances relationships with judges and court personnel. 
  • Participates in Family Group Decision making and Circles of Support, as necessary.
  • Maintains and enhances relationships with Child placement agency personnel, parents, and service providers.

Self Development

  • Participates in a minimum of 12 hours of on-going self development training per year.

Additional Duties

  • Tracks referred and non-referred cases.
  • Represents CASA at TDFPS trainings.
  • Provides information for grant request purposes.
  • Brainstorms on procedural modifications in an effort to increase efficiency.
  • Covers the telephones when the support staff is otherwise occupied.
  • Responds to complex telephone and walk-in requests that require more skill or information than the support staff is equipped to handle.


  • Two years of experience in a private or public agency in the field of human services with experience in providing services to children and their families. 
  • Bachelor's Degree from an accredited institution of higher learning in Social Work, Social Welfare, Social Services, Psychology, Sociology, Education, Criminal Justice, or Law Enforcement or transferrable work experience.
  • Exceptional listener and communicator who effectively conveys information verbally and in writing.
  • Personable professional whose strengths include cultural sensitivity and an ability to build rapport with a diverse workforce in multicultural settings.
  • The ability to plan and organize multiple cases and Volunteer Advocate Advocates.
  • Able to meet deadlines and reprioritize as needed. Strong organizational skills.
  • Ability to be flexible to meet the needs of the children and Volunteer Advocate Advocates.
  • Ability to collaborate with numerous teams, professionals and individuals, in internal and external settings.
  • Computer-literate with software (Microsoft Suite) proficiency covering wide variety of applications.

Please apply for the position of Advocate Supervisor through Indeed.com.  Please provide a cover letter with your resume.  No phone calls please.