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A Letter to the Advocates


Several Advocates have contacted me with questions about CPS going mobile and I wanted to address them with all of you so that you are in the loop.  Due to some unforeseen changes in office space and such, all legal caseworkers are now considered “mobile” and working out of their home instead of their office.  CPS has done this with a few trial units in the past, and I know many of you have worked with the mobile units.  This means that many of the CPS legal caseworkers no longer have an office phone number, so please utilize email and their cell phone numbers in order to communicate with them.  This also affects reading case files, as all case files are now stored in one place, and the caseworker isn’t in the building.  We are getting clarification from CPS on what the expectation is in terms of CPS providing access to those files.  For now, parent/child visits will still be held at CPS.  Supervisors still have offices in the building.  This new transition will take time to work out, so please be patient with your caseworkers as they make this change and all of us adjust to the changes.  Feel free to continue sending in questions and we will do our best to find you the answers and provide them to all Advocates.

Thank you for the work that you do,

Yolanda Valenzuela
Child Advocates San Antonio
Vice President of Programs & Operations

A Letter to the Advocates