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Advocacy Tip: Casey Family Programs

Who is Casey Family Programs?

Casey Family Programs was founded in 1966 with the mission “To provide and improve – and ultimately prevent the need for – foster care”. Casey Family Programs opened their Bexar Co. office in 1986 and currently offer a multitude of services tailored to families and children currently in CPS care. They partner with The Department of Family and Protective Services to offer coaching, mentoring, and bring a strength-based approach to CPS’s Parent Leadership Program. Their primary goal is to provide short-term interventions to the population they serve, with permanency as the desired outcome. Permanency can be established through: reunification with family or extended family, guardianship, or adoption.

How can Casey Family Programs impact your CASA case?

For children who are age 10 and younger Casey Family Programs targets strengthening the family system to ensure that children grow up in a safe and permanent home. While doing so Casey facilitates family conferences and decision making meetings where CASA advocates play an integral role in advocating for their CASA children. Casey can provide short term emergency financial resources as well as connect families to additional public resources in cases where there are financial barriers to reunification or kinship placements. Once CPS and CASA exit the case, Casey Family Programs can remain involved with the family and continue to provide services and support to ensure that permanency has been established for the children.

For youth ages 11-17, Casey provides services targeted towards assisting foster care youth in finding their permanent home. Casey Family Program conducts case mining and extensive family finding services to assist the Department in finding permanency for the youth in care. Casey also continues to be involved once a youth ages out in the foster care system. They can provide ongoing supportive services for young adults 18-25 with the goal of planning for life long connections. These services can include help reuniting with birth parents or relatives, as well as adoption or guardianship if appropriate.

How to refer a case to Casey Family Programs?

Referrals to Casey Family Programs must come directly from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. If you feel as though your CASA case would benefit from the involvement of Casey Family Programs speak with your CASA Supervisor and the assigned CPS legal caseworker to discuss requesting a referral.


  1. True or false. Casey Family Programs only works with children ages 5 & up.
  2. How would a referral to Casey Family Programs help a youth aging out of foster care?
  3. List three ways Casey Family Programs can assist families with children in the Temporary Managing Conservatorship of the Department. 

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Advocacy Tip: Casey Family Programs