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Advocate Impact - Christina Brockway

Christina Brockway is an exceptional advocate who devotes her time to the children on each of her two CASA cases.  Although busy with her own children and home life, she never fails to find time to make sure that the kids that she’s been appointed to advocate for are getting what they need.

Christina was first assigned to the case of Jessie, a 10-year-old girl, in June of 2016. Jessie’s mother lives out of state and her father, whom she had lived with for most of her life, was accused of killing Jessie’s step-mom.  Jessie herself faces some slight cognitive delays. Christina became a person that Jessie could trust and the two formed a strong bond. Christina tracked every medication, every ARD meeting, and everything that brought Jessie joy. When it was time for Jessie to move to her maternal grandmothers in Georgia, Christina drove to the airport for the send-off bringing treats and activities for the plane along with her.  After trial in March 2017, Jessie was living with her maternal grandmother in Georgia and CASA closed the case. However, three months later, the caseworker and children’s attorney contacted Christina to inform her that the placement had broken down and that the child had been moved back to San Antonio. 

Without missing a beat, Christina jumped right back onto the case proving herself, once again, to be an authority on all things Jessie.  At each placement review since trial, the judge immediately refers to the CASA report for updates on Jessie. He directs all questions to Christina, knowing that when it comes to Jessie, Christina knows it all.  Christina continues to advocate for visits with the friends that Jessie had prior to her CPS case, and for a reduction in her medications—helping her accomplish a new normal in what we hope will be a permanent, adoptive, placement.

While working diligently to ensure that Jessie receives the support she needs, Christina also dedicates herself to advocating on another case with a 15-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl. Ozzie and Zoe are placed at a children’s home and have struggled with feelings of resentment towards their dad. Christina consistently shows up for them when nobody else has. She attends Zoe’s volleyball games, and takes her to the animal shelter so she can spend some time with pets—something she misses most about her home.  Christina has also advocated for Ozzie to change schools and be enrolled in a grade higher after he expressed that driving by his old home every day on his way to school was upsetting him and reminding him of his traumatic past. 

The role Christina has played for the CASA children that she serves has been critical. She has been a strong voice in court and a friendly ear with the kids. Thanks to her continued perseverance Jessie, Ozzie, and Zoe are getting the attention they so rightly deserve and the services they need.

Advocate Impact - Christina Brockway