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Advocate Impact - Daisy Chavez

Daisy was sworn in as a CASA advocate in October 2015 and appointed to her first case on October 27, 2015.  This particular case is heartbreaking and includes two children – a 2 year old boy and a 6 month old baby girl.  The children were removed from their home due to severe physical abuse and medical neglect.  The baby suffered a seizure, was hospitalized and a further evaluation revealed bleeding in the brain, hydrocephalus and bruised ribs – all results from trauma.  She was malnourished and remained in the hospital for over a month. 

Within 24 hours of signing onto the case, Daisy contacted and met with the CPS caseworker, scheduled a home visit, visited both the baby at the hospital and the toddler at daycare.  She continued visiting the baby at the hospital, five days a week, and built a rapport with the hospital staff while closely observing the baby's progress. During the first month, the baby showed minimal signs of progress and hospital staff reported having little hope she would get better.  In November 2015, the baby received a feeding tube and began to show slight progress.  While the feeding tube was helpful, Daisy stayed by her side as she observed no progress and the persistence of severe medical problems.    

As a result of one of the surgeries, the baby's hip was dislocated and movement in her lower body became limited.  With this setback, she became uneligible for certain therapies that Daisy advocated for on her behalf.  Because of Daisy’s consistent visits, she spoke with several medical providers and directly to doctors about the need for additional inpatient rehabilitative services. Her dedication and persistence finally paid off. Daisy spoke with a nurse who agreed with her perspective. The nurse referred her to a doctor who also agreed there was a need for additional therapy.  Shortly thereafter, the baby was approved for physical and occupational therapy. She began to show progress for the first time since being at the Children’s Hospital, recovered, and was finally discharged from the hospital. She reunited with her older brother in a relative’s home. 

Daisy has also done amazing work with the toddler, a 2 year old boy struggling with an aggressive behavior, excessive biting and delayed speech. She communicated with the daycare teachers to monitor his behavior and began advocating for additional therapy. Her work on this case has made an impact on not only the children but the entire family. She built a trusting relationship with the caregivers, making them feel safe and comfortable communicating with her. Daisy is an encouraging voice to them in the midst of caring for a baby with special needs and a toddler with behavior problems. She has attended doctors' appointments for the children, assisted in helping transport them to parent/ child visits and also established a rapport with both parents on the case. She recently referred the father to a local GED program through her employer. He is excited to further his education in order to provide for his family.

Without Daisy’s persistence, passion and professionalism these children’s future would not be as opportunistic and bright as it is today.  Thanks Daisy for making such a difference!