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Advocate Impact - Jamie Fox

Jamie has been a CASA Volunteer since April 2014 and took her first case in May 2014.  This case involved four children – 2 boys and 2 girls all ranging in age from 7 months to 6 years old.  Upon removal by Child Protective Services (CPS) due to domestic violence and physical abuse, the children were placed in two separate foster homes.  The oldest three were able to stay together and see their baby brother at parent child visits.  After a couple months, the children had to be moved due to concerns in the foster home. Jamie was present at the place they were leaving and met the children at their new foster home which helped the children to feel more safe and secure.  Her presence gave the children great comfort as they had a relationship with her since she was there from the beginning of the case.  This new foster home allowed all four children to be placed together. Jamie returned to see the children the next day to see how they were doing and observe interactions with the caregivers since this was a new placement for them.  She saw the children frequently. 

To ensure there was no lapse in the children’s therapy, Jamie volunteered to transport the children.  Additionally, Jamie would visit the school age children at school, have lunch with them and interact with their teachers.  School personnel thought highly of Jamie and would reach out to her to get her insight regarding the kids.  She attended many parent/child visits at the CPS Offices and was the first to praise the parents on their positive interactions with the children.  

With Jamie’s frequent interactions with the children and visits to the foster home, she was keenly aware of how they were doing.  There were indications that this placement may not be meeting the children’s needs and Jamie strongly advocated that they be moved in their best interest.  Once again, Jamie made sure she was present when the children arrived at their next placement, a place they stayed for approximately 4 to 5 months.  Without Jamie, these children would have struggled immensely. 

The children are now in a relative kinship home, their fourth and hopefully final placement.  This relative went from one child to five. Upon arrival the relative did not have the needed beds for the children.  Jamie sprang into action and felt the need to assist with this issue.  Jamie secured two set of bunk beds and all the bedding as well. The relative was very thankful to CASA. Thanks to Jamie’s support and encouragement the children have settled in and are thriving in what is anticipated to be their permanent home. 

Jamie was a constant for this sibling group on this case and her dedication and ongoing commitment to the children is commendable, admirable and appreciated.

Thank you Jamie for her extreme advocacy for these children!