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Advocate Impact - Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor began working her first case in late January 2017. She was assigned to a case with two little boys, Lucas and Andrew. At the 60-day hearing, Judge Montemayor ordered the children be placed back home since it was the holidays and mom was working services. The caseworker testified that they were better off home than in a foster home.

Jen began meeting regularly with the mother and the boys at home. Immediately she had concerns with mom’s behavior and statements. The boys also talked openly about living “the CPS life.” Jen made it her priority to speak with teachers and daycare providers. During her interviews, she listened to their concerns. The daycare disclosed that one of the boys was missing pills and that mom looked like she was under the influence. Jennifer shared these concerns with CPS, who unaware of these developments. This led to the removal of the children once again.

Jennifer was present for the removal and drove the boys to the shelter that night. She visited often to assure them that everything would be ok. Jennifer heavily advocated for the dire need of the boys to receive therapy and one on one counseling. With community assistance, she was able to get Lucas a full scholarship for summer camp allowing him to have time away from his brother. Eventually, the boys were moved to New Braunfels. Jennifer made it her job to educate the foster dad about the boy’s behavior and transported Lucas roundtrip from New Braunfels to camp to ensure that he continued. When signs of placement breakdown began, Jennifer attempted to work closely with the foster dads. Unfortunately, the placement broke down and once again Jennifer was present to assure the boys and assist with transportation.

Throughout the course of the case, Jennifer provided stability and reassurance to both of the boys. The TMC case is still ongoing due to multiple resets but the department is set to move forward in December to terminate on parents. Jennifer will continue to be there for the boys until they are able to be adopted. These boys are very fortunate to have her as their CASA.

Advocate Impact - Jennifer Taylor