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Advocate Impact - Jon Truho

Jon Truho joined CASA, as an Advocate, six months ago.  Shortly thereafter, he took his first case.  The allegations involve a 13 year old male who had inappropriately touched his younger female sibling.  Both children resided with their father.  The father contacted law enforcement immediately to report what had happened and refused to allow the 13 year old back in the home.  The victim and another child continue to reside with the father and are not part of this case. 

The mother of the children has significant mental health issues and a history of drug use/abuse.  She has not had a relationship with any of the children for approximately three years. 

When Advocate, Jon started on the case, he only had the 13 year old male on his case.  However, at the 60 day hearing, an older sister, 16 years old, was added to the case in hopes to secure long term permanency for her.  For the prior three years, she had been residing with fictive kin.  Jon sees her at least monthly and is in contact with her current placement which is a long term option.  She is a member of the cheer team, does well in school and has recently started driving!  

The 13 year old was on probation and placed in a specialized facility approximately an hour and a half away from San Antonio.  Almost five months into the case Jon was informed by the child’s probation officer that the child was on a time limit regarding the terms of his probation. If the first deadline was not met by the end of December 2016 he would not have met the conditions of his probation and the case would be sent back to Juvenile Court. Jon did not want to see this happen and made it a goal to assist and encourage the child to complete all of his assignments.

Jon has made a significant impact on the case. Jon went to the placement and sat down with the child to get an idea of what was completed and what was lacking. He assisted him in getting organized and together they created a time line for all the assignments. Jon made 1.5 hour drive to and from the placement almost weekly during the month of December to ensure that the deadline was met. By the end of December, all of the assignments had been completed. Everything was submitted to the probation officer for review to determine if the quality of the work met the placement’s and probation’s standards. Jon diligently kept in communication with all parties on the case to advocate for the child to remain on his current probation contract. The outcome surprised everyone.  Jon was informed that there was a mistake on the child’s probation contract and the only item that was originally required was therapy, not a full completion of the entire program.   The child had, in fact, completed the terms of his probation.

At the specialized facility, there are four phases of sexual abuse therapy that this child will complete while placed there.  He is off to a very positive start thanks to Jon’s support, encouragement and persistence.  There is no time limit on completing the remaining phases, rather the focus is on the child successfully completing the program in its entirety.  Jon is committed to stay on the case and is looking forward to and very excited about now being able to visit the child and spend their time together doing fun things like fishing! 

Additionally, Jon scheduled a meeting with the onsite school staff to assess where the child is academically and what extra services he may need.  Services were successfully initiated. 

Jon has been very dedicated to both of the children on his case from the beginning. He is passionate about being a positive role model and mentor to them as they face the challenges of being in care while surviving the teenage years. Jon has been a great asset to CASA!

Advocate Impact - Jon Truho