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Advocate Impact:  Kim Randolph’s Story

When CASA Advocate Kim Randolph took Elizabeth, Jonathan, and Elijah’s case, she had no way to know how great an impact that she would make in both the children's lives, and their mother's.

The children entered care in April of 2012 due to allegations of neglect and a prior history with CPS. Soon after taking the case, Kim began to notice serious issues. The mother had been diagnosed with multiple mental health disorders and was required to undergo a mental health evaluation. However, CPS no longer had any contracts with providers to do psychiatric evaluations.

There was a positive home study for the maternal grandmother, but because the children's mother lived right next to the grandmother’s house she would have access to the children. The maternal grandmother also had CPS history and admitted to taking medications that made her drowsy and unable to care for the children. Neither of the children's fathers were viable placement options. Kim continued to visit the children while they were in foster care and make recommendations to the parties involved in the case. She advocated for an evaluation for Elizabeth who was diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder and a sensory disorder. Kim also advocated for occupational therapy to assist the child in their interactions with others.

Because of her efforts the children were temporarily placed with their mother, under CPS supervision.  Kim also focused on the mother’s mental health and was able to help the mother complete her mental health evaluation. Although the evaluator expressed concerns about the mother, Kim worked with her tirelessly recommending services and role-modeling appropriate parenting skills.Kim visited the maternal grandmother multiple times and provided helpful insight to the court about this potential placement. The mother started making progress, and the kids were eventually placed with the maternal grandmother and the mom. During this time, Kim saw an improvement in the mother’s ability to care for the children. She continued to make frequent visits to the home and reported incidents that others were unaware of.

Unfortunately, the placement with the grandmother did not work out, and the children were again homeless. Fortunately, Kim was immediately available to get the mother and her children placed at the Battered Women’s Shelter for assistance. Today, mom and the 3 children are still residing at the Battered Women’s Shelter and are planning to move to the Fairweather Lodge, a placement for families with mental health disorders. Because of Kim’s strong advocacy throughout the case, the children are not only placed with their mother in a safe and stable environment, they’re receiving the monitoring and services essential to their development and future well-being.