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Advocate Impact - Philip Dizon

Philip Dizon, eager to be voice for children in his community, started his journey with CASA October of 2017. Once sworn in he chose a case with 4 siblings; Ashton (12), Mariah (10), Ethan (7), Braxton (1). These four children witnessed a lot of domestic violence in their home before the department stepped in.

Unfortunately, the children could not be placed together. Ashton and Mariah were able to be placed with their father, while Ethan and Braxton were placed at the Children’s Shelter while other family members could be assessed. Philip was familiar with the Children’s Shelter having volunteered there before so he immediately scheduled a visit with Ethan and Braxton.  Within days of being signed onto this case he had met all four children, and even made contact with their parents.

The department did find an Aunt for Ethan and Braxton to be placed with and they were able to move in the first week of December. Sadly, Ethan and Braxton did not stay there long. Ethan began to act out and would not listen to his aunt and Braxton followed. Philip kept in contact with their Aunt regularly to motivate her and offer words of encouragement. He also came up with an awesome plan to take each child on an outing to discuss the new changes. He did not get the chance to execute his plan before the Aunt gave notice and the children were taken back to the shelter.

In talking to the caseworker Philip found out that Ashton and Mariah’s dad might consider taking Ethan but did not have another bed for him, or the funds to get one. Philip came by the CASA office to pick up Christmas toys for the children and also discuss getting bunk beds for dad in the event Ethan would be placed there and would also allow sleepovers to start.  When the family heard about the beds being delivered they were extremely happy and thankful for Philips due diligence in helping them. It was more than bunk beds to them, they would have the chance to increase their time together, strengthening this family’s bond. 

While their mom is working her services she has things to accomplish with the department and Philip has been there to encourage her. If she gets off track he is there to tell her that her children need her and love her and to focus on completing her services.

With Philip’s help these children can be reunified. Whether that means reunification with mom or dad, everyone in this case has his support. He has committed to seeing that all of the children find and remain in a stable and safe home environment and will see it through to the end.

Advocate Impact - Philip Dizon