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Advocate Impact: Teruse Roseman’s Story

A common misconception of CASA programs is that they try to remove children from their parents. Our Advocate, Teruse Roseman, is a shining example of how incorrect that stereotype is. Teruse was assigned to the Daniels case after the mother, who had a previous history with CPS, left five of her six children unsupervised in a car while she stepped into a store to make a purchase. She had left the keys in the ignition, and while shopping, the car was stolen with the children inside. The mother failed to follow the service plan that CPS offered her, and later abandoned her oldest two children with a person unknown to CPS.

When Teruse began working the case, she found herself faced with multiple challenges. For several weeks she was unable to make contact with the CPS caseworker; and, once the caseworker had been located, she discovered that the case files were missing. Teruse persevered and ultimately discovered that, after the case had been open for four months, CPS intended to terminate the parents’ rights.

The children had been split between two foster placements, one in San Antonio and one in Austin. Teruse worked tirelessly to ensure that the children were able to visit each other. In addition to transporting the children for visits, Teruse was able to get the Austin family to agree to overnight visits for all of the siblings. Teruse also worked with the children’s mother to resolve her outstanding criminal charges so that she could work services and attend court without fear of arrest.

When one of the children’s fathers was released from jail, Teruse encouraged both parents to contact their attorneys and caseworker so that they could begin working a service plan and regain custody of the children. Teruse advocated for parent-child visits and pushed for increasingly frequent weekly visits once the service plan was completed. She also requested family therapy services to help the family heal and grow back together.

Teruse advocated for, and was granted, an extension on the trial date to allow the parents additional time to finish their services. Because of Teruse’s dedication and hard work, the cases’ attorneys, ad litem, and CPS caseworker are all in favor of reunification. The children are even enjoying overnight visits with their parents. Because of Teruse’s constant advocacy, mediation, and encouragement, this family is now on track for full reunification.