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Advocate Impact - Virginia “Ginny” Peacock

Virginia “Ginny” Peacock has been with CASA for a year and a half. In that time she has worked two cases. The first case the she signed on to is a 3 child case. The children came into care because of neglectful supervision. The older brother, who was 5, had severe ADHD and was not attending school regularly. He was placed on medication but mom was not providing it to the school. The two younger sisters were not being properly care for and the father tested positive for opiates and heroin. Throughout the case, the father struggled with drug issues. Mom has been slow to understand that she will not be able to maintain a relationship with both dad and her children due to his ongoing drug usage. Mom has also had a hard time finding suitable employment and housing. One positive on this case is that there are maternal relatives (a Great Aunt and Uncle) that are willing to care for the children on a permanent basis. Unfortunately this has brought another level of complexity and problems to the case. The family does not get along. The Great Aunt and Uncle supervise mom’s visits and the visits are often contentious to the point of fighting in front of the children. Throughout this case Ginny has made great efforts to work with both sides of the family to figure out the best permanent placement for the children. Ginny has also worked hard to make sure that the children are receiving necessary educational services.

A year ago Ginny signed on to a second case. This case presented a whole new set of challenges. The 16 year old girl on this case was abandoned by her family. In the months leading up to her coming into care she was out of control. She refused to go to school, ran away and fought with her mother and step father. The mother on the case moved away during the case and during one supervised visit at the CPS offices yelled her daughter and told her that she was an embarrassment. While in a foster home placement near Victoria, Tx the teenager stole a car in an attempt to get back to San Antonio to see her boyfriend. She crashed the car and Ginny drove to Victoria to be there in court to support her. The teenage was later placed in Comal County where she seemed to be doing better until she once again ran away. Unfortunately because there remains questions about her parentage there are no suitable family members. Ginny is a constant support system and encouragement for this teenager as she struggles with the lack of family.

I was Ginny’s Peer Coordinator and Advocate Supervisor throughout much of her work on these two cases. She is dedicated to the children on her cases and works hard to make sure that they have the supports they need to be successful. In difficult situations with family and CPS, she is able to maintain her professionalism and strives for the best interest of the children. She is a positive force in the lives of the children on her cases. Thank you Ginny Peacock!

Advocate Impact - Virginia “Ginny” Peacock