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Advocate Spotlight: Michael Brodie

In Loving Memory of CASA Volunteer, Michael Brodie

Michael passed away December 23, 2015. Michael was a CASA Volunteer for more than 8 years. In that time he served 5 cases ranging in age from infant to youth age. He was a passionate Volunteer who worked each case with his wife and Volunteer, Deb Brodie. Michael’s family was very close to him and he cherished them as his love for them was enormous. His daughter speaks about his integrity and being honest. She tells a story of when she was 5 years old and took something small from the store. Michael drove her back to the store and made her go up to the counter to pay for it.  From that day on she knew he was the real thing and it taught her to always be honest.  His son tells a story of when his dad got a Christmas bonus and he went out and bought a young college student a car with the money so he could finish school.  He was very giving and did not expect anything in return.  Michael was an incredible husband, father, grandfather, friend and a CASA Volunteer and he will be missed but never forgotten. He is survived by his wife, Deb Brodie, two sons, Aaron and Ross, a daughter, Megan, and several grandchildren.

CASA thanks his family for designating CASA as the recipient of donations. 

Advocate Spotlight: Michael Brodie