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Advocate Tip:  Fingerprinting for CASA Volunteers

In January, the Texas legislature passed a law requiring that all CASA volunteers complete a fingerprint check for criminal history. All volunteers are required to complete the fingerprinting process by 2016 in order to continue volunteering as a CASA Advocate.

Child Advocates San Antonio began fingerprinting all new volunteers in February 2014, and we are currently in the process of having all of our existing volunteers complete the fingerprinting process. Advocates will be notified by their supervisor of when they will be able to register for the fingerprinting appointment. When notified, Advocates will be provided a FAST Fingerprint Pass form by their supervisor and instructions for how to schedule their appointment. All fingerprinting appointments are scheduled in 10 minute slots and there are multiple locations available. For the appointment, Advocates will need to bring the FAST Fingerprint Pass form and a valid driver’s license. Advocates will also be asked for their Social Security Number as part of the fingerprinting process. Once the fingerprinting appointment is completed, Advocates will need to return the signed FAST Fingerprint Pass to their supervisor. Once the background check is completed, the results will be sent to Child Advocates San Antonio.

Advocates who have completed fingerprint background checks for other purposes (ex. other volunteer work, employment, etc) will still need to complete a fingerprint check for CASA. Child Advocates San Antonio will cover the costs of the required fingerprint background checks for all volunteers. Any questions or concerns regarding the fingerprinting process can be directed to the Advocate’s supervisor.

  1. What documentation is needed for the fingerprinting appointment?
  2. How will Advocates know when to make their fingerprinting appointments?
  3. True or False. CASA Advocates who have had their fingerprints taken for employment at a school do not need to complete a fingerprint check for CASA.

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