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Advocate Tip:  Permanent Managing Conservatorship (PMC)

Permanent Managing Conservatorship (PMC)

One of the most important roles of the CASA Advocate is to advocate for a safe, stable, and permanent home for children in CPS custody. When children cannot be reunified with their parents, CPS will often seek Permanent Managing Conservatorship (PMC) of the children. There are two types of PMC that can be granted by the court: PMC with termination and PMC without termination.  

PMC With Termination

CPS can ask a judge for a parent’s rights to be terminated on a number of grounds, which are listed in the Texas Family Code. Parents also have the option of signing a Voluntary Relinquishment of their parental rights, meaning that they voluntarily give up all rights to their children. In both situations, CPS has to be able to show that terminating a parent’s rights is in the best interest of the children. PMC with Termination is required in order for children to be adopted.

PMC Without Termination

CPS also has the option of requesting PMC without terminating a parent’s rights. In this situation parents still retain some of their rights to their children while not being the primary caregiver of the children. In some cases, CPS will continue to work with the children’s parent and provide services in an effort to reunify the children at some point in the future.

Advocates should be aware that the court has the option of granting PMC to either CPS or to the children’s caregiver. CPS may consider PMC to a caregiver if a child does not want to be adopted or if the caregiver would not qualify for adoption based on CPS requirements. CPS might also consider PMC to a caregiver if they are not seeking termination of a parent’s rights but do not feel that reunification with the children’s parents would be in their best interest.

  1. True or False. CPS does not have to show that termination is in the children’s best interest if a parent signs a Voluntary Relinquishment of Parental Rights.
  2. List two reasons why CPS might request PMC to the children’s caregiver.
  3. Why might CPS request PMC without Termination of parental rights?

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