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Advocate Tip:  Texas CASA Case Readings

In the next few months Texas CASA, the state agency that oversees and provides some of the funding for Child Advocates San Antonio, will be coming to complete an audit of our files. Texas CASA will select a random sampling of our case files and advocate files to review and will be grading them based on their accuracy and completion. Your CASA Supervisor will contact you in the next few weeks to obtain any specific information or documentation that will be needed from you prior to the upcoming audit.

Case File Information

Some of the case information that Texas CASA will be evaluating includes documentation of when you read the CPS case file, meet with the CPS caseworker, and the verification of the children’s green education portfolios. Texas CASA will also be evaluating our case files based on your monthly activity logs. When completing your monthly logs online please make sure that you include the dates of your monthly home/placement visit with the children, any contact with the CPS caseworker, and all of your contact with other individuals involved in the case (caregivers, teachers, therapists, etc.). If you are having difficulty completing your activity logs online or have a backlog of past due activity logs contact your supervisor for assistance.

Advocate File Information

Texas CASA will also be evaluating the advocate files that your supervisor maintains with all of your information as a volunteer. Current copies of the advocate’s auto insurance and driver’s license need to be maintained in the volunteer’s file. If your auto insurance or driver’s license has expired or will be expiring soon, please provide your supervisor with an updated copy. Texas CASA will also be checking our advocate files for completed fingerprint checks and the new CPS background checks. If you have not completed the fingerprinting process, please contact your supervisor for the information and documents needed to do so. Your supervisor can also provide you with a copy of the new CPS background check form if you have not completed one yet.

  1. What should you do if your monthly activity logs are not up to date?
  2. List three items that Texas CASA will be looking for in an advocate’s file.
  3. True or False. Texas CASA has a pre-selected list of files that they will be auditing.  

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