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Advocate Tip:  Texas Health Steps

What is Texas Health Steps?

Every child that enters CPS care is enrolled in the Medicaid program and is required to receive preventative healthcare through the Texas Health Steps program.  Texas Health Steps provides medical and dental checkups for children through periodic exams and screenings. Texas Health Steps medical checkups include a physical exam of the child, developmental screening, mental health screening, vision and hearing checks, and immunizations. Texas Health Steps dental program provides checkups that include preventative care, treatments, and emergency dental care for children.

How often are checkups required?

All children are required to receive a medical exam within 30 days of entering CPS care, regardless of their age or when their last medical checkup occurred. After their initial medical checkup, children ages 3-20 are required to receive a medical checkup every year. Children who are under the age of 3 will require more frequent medical checkups.

Children in CPS care are also required to have regular dental exams. Children over the age of six months are required to have an initial dental exam within 60 days of entering care. Children under the age of six months are required to receive an initial dental exam no later than 30 days after turning six months. After the initial dental exam, children are required to receive dental checkups every six months.

Source: Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

  1. How often are children in CPS care required to receive dental checkups?
  2. Name three components of a Texas Health Steps medical checkup.
  3. True or False. Children are not required to have a medical exam when entering CPS care if they have seen a doctor in the last 30 days.

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