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Tour of Champions

CASA's Tour of Champions is an informative session during which CASA volunteers share their stories of advocacy. Throughout the past few months, we have made some exciting changes to the format, speakers, and informational pieces. Please join us November 15 from 1pm to 2pm to see what’s new. Be sure to RSVP to Tara Barisic at or 210.225.7070.

Road Show Tours

A CASA Road Show Tour is a mini Tour of Champions that can be held at a business, church, civic or professional organization or private residence. This initiative helps to spread the word about CASA and the work we are doing in our community. If you are interested in hosting a Road Show Tour, please contact Christina Higgs at or 210.225.7070.

United Way Days of Caring

United Way Days of Caring is a two day event held annually, where community members, corporations, and civic groups volunteer to work on specific projects for United Way agencies in Bexar County. This year, CASA’s project was a remodel of our upstairs multipurpose/training room. We had 10 volunteers, including several staff members, who painted the walls and ceiling, as well as built and installed new light fixtures, to spruce up the room. We are extremely grateful for the time and energy that was dedicated to this project.  The room looks wonderful and is so much more welcoming.[Picture of the new room, if possible]

Art & Soul with NuStar Energy

On Saturday, October 20, NuStar Energy employees joined CASA Advocates, youth and staff to create some amazing art pieces.  This project provided an alternate volunteer experience for individuals from NuStar who were interested in positively impacting the lives of abused and neglected children in Bexar County.

NuStar Energy continues to be extremely supportive of CASA, as well as being a huge part of San Antonio’s overall philanthropic efforts.  Mr. Bill Greehey, Chairman of the NuStar Board of Directors, and Curt Anastasio, NuStar CEO, both have an unwavering passion to help our community flourish.

This particular Art & Soul was centered on a fall theme. The project was a multistep activity including sponge painting, coloring and water coloring. NuStar volunteers interacted directly with our CASA children, making this event truly beneficial to both parties. Each child walked away with one of their creations while leaving the other as a gift to CASA.

Art & Soul gives our CASA children and youth a chance to access a creative outlet to explore their artistic abilities and to make new and positive memories.  A number of remarkable pieces of art have been created, hidden talents revealed and gifted artists developed.

“The Art & Soul event provides a safe, nurturing environment where the children can express themselves and have a chance to be creative. With all the expectations and uncertainty in their young lives, the children somehow know they are among friends. They really are made to feel special at the event. It is something just for them.  I think Art & Soul them an opportunity to be celebrated and proud of their art...” -Cathy Hamilton, CASA Volunteer Advocate

To learn more about Art & Soul, please contact Tara Barisic at