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Remembering Diane Kilby

In Memory of Diane KilbyDiane Kilby passed away February 1, 2013 with her family at her side.

Diane was a CASA volunteer for five years, and in that time she worked five different cases. Diane was a strong Advocate that fought hard for the children she served. 

Diane was sworn in as an Advocate in 2007, and the best word to describe her work as a volunteer is passionate. No aspect of the children’s lives was too insignificant for her. When it came to fighting for children’s rights, she was assertive and determined. She would be insistent when she needed to be, and everyone who was in contact with her admired her dedication and how seriously she took her role as a Child Advocate.

It is a testament to Diane’s work as a CASA that all five set of siblings in her cases were able to find permanency. Two families were reunified and three sets of siblings were adopted; and in each case, Diane’s commitment to the children was instrumental in obtaining a forever home for those children. Therein lies Diane’s legacy as a CASA. The impact she has made in the lives of those children will never be erased.

Diane is survived by her three children, Brian (Jen), Colin (Kharli), and Ellie (Tom); sisters Carol, Lynn, and Lori (Albert); grandchildren, Brendan and Allison; many loving nieces and nephews; and her beloved chihuahua, Sparky.

Remembering Diane Kilby