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In Memory of Randy And Lorraine Harrison

In Memory of Randy And Lorraine Harrison

Randy George Harrison, 64, and his wife Lorraine Louise Harrison, 62, died while on vacation visiting family in Ohio. On October 15, 2012 the Harrison's were struck head-on by a tractor-trailer truck and died as a direct result of the massive injuries sustained in the accident. Lorraine passed away in the early morning hours on October 16th. They were reunited in heaven when Randy later died the evening of October 22nd.

Randy and Lorraine were married on March 20, 1999 and shared a beautiful life in San Antonio, Texas. They were both educators who spent their careers serving their community by helping young people and those with disabilities. After retirement, they served as CASA volunteers for Child Advocates San Antonio, where their mission was to be the voice, the eyes and the ears for children in need. 

Lorraine worked tirelessly on her first case with two little girls who had been previously removed and reunited with their mother in the past.  She worked with four different caseworkers during the life of the case, and she truly was the one constant adult in the girls’ lives, other than their foster mom, that they could depend on.  Lorraine advocated for special education for the older child and extensive therapy for both girls.  The rights for both parents were eventually terminated and Lorraine began to passionately advocate that the children be adopted by their current foster mother.  After termination, many relatives started to come forward and, one by one, were not found to be acceptable placements.  Lorraine unfortunately passed away before learning that the children are to be adopted by the foster mother that has had them throughout the life of the case.  Without Lorraine’s dedication to these girls, it is certain that their case would’ve had a different outcome. 

Randy’s first CASA case involved two boys that had been the victims of a drive-by shooting.  He was quickly able to establish a bond with the boys and made sure their educational and psychological needs were being met.  Unfortunately, the boys moved placements a few times. However, with every move, they knew that Randy would follow them wherever they ended up.  Randy’s case ended with parental rights being terminated and the children being placed in an adoptive home.  After his first case ended, Randy took on a courtesy case where he visited a teen boy that was placed in an RTC in town.  Randy visited the teen frequently, establishing a great bond with him. Randy worked tirelessly to ensure that his needs were being met while he was placed away from his primary CASA.

The Harrisons were true and passionate advocates for the children they served, making a difference in helping the children find forever adoptive homes.

Their lives were full, active and filled with joy and love for one another, family and friends.

Randy is survived by his daughter, Mona Maust and husband Captain Jon Maust. Lorraine is survived by her daughter, Jennifer Donham Lott and two beloved grandchildren, Daemyan and Jacquelyn; and her sister, Debbie Colton and husband Jim Colton.

In Memory of Randy And Lorraine Harrison