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Items Available for CASA Kids

Below is a list of items available for the children on your cases.  We currently have these items at the CASA office, so please feel free to drop by if you see something your CASA children may need.

  • 15 car seats, carrier seats and booster seats for various age groups 
  • As a reminder Advocates may keep the car seats in your possession until the case is over.
  • 2 strollers and 1 walker/saucer
  • 5 large boxes of miscellaneous school supplies and also some nice backpacks as well
  • New and used clothing and jackets of various sizes; shoes and flip flops
  • 1 large box of toddler slippers/house shoes
  • Miscellaneous items such as baby baths, powder, shampoo, car seat head cushions, bottles, pull up pampers, large white towels, powder, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.
  • Toys, games and stuffed animals for both boys and girls
  • Books for children ages 3-18 years, including a large quantity of a children’s book written in Spanish

In addition, if anyone needs a binder for casework please pick one up at CASA as we received a very large donation of various sizes from one of our community partners.

Items Available for CASA Kids