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Advocate Impact - Enrique Fasci

Enrique Fasci completed the CASA training in June of 2017 and immediately signed onto a three child case.  Noah (11), Emery (10), and Eric (9) were placed with their maternal aunt and uncle after being removed from their mother due to neglectful supervision, drugs, and mental health issues. Their life before CPS’ involvement was hard to imagine.

Their aunt and uncle provided structure and safety which the children were not accustomed to.  The children had a tough time adapting to their new environment and had some behavioral issues but with Enrique’s consistent home visits and outings, they quickly began to adapt.  Enrique established a great relationship with the children and the placement.  He assisted with communication between caregivers and CPS, helped locate a daycare in their area, and researched a therapist that would make home visits to accommodate the family’s schedule.

Eric had a particularly difficult time coping with being removed from his mother, he displayed a lot of behavioral issues and caused tension in the home that threatened his placement.  In order to alleviate tension, Enrique scheduled frequent one-on-one time with Eric and held informal meetings with CPS and the caregivers to discuss ways of dealing with his challenging behavior. Enrique truly became a mentor to Eric and his siblings and their behavior began to change significantly. It was evident that their bond and trust in Enrique grew stronger. 

Just two weeks before the six-month permanency hearing, the children’s mother made her first parent/child visit. After the children saw their mother, their behavior instantly and dramatically regressed. Noah become extremely emotional and isolated himself, Eric began displaying very aggressive behaviors, and Emery had absolutely no affect.  Enrique recommended to the judge that parent/child visits only occur in a therapeutic setting supervised by their therapist as he saw firsthand how much seeing their mother affected these children.  Just one day after the hearing, Eric was transported to an emergency hospital after becoming very physically aggressive with his aunt and uncle. As soon as Enrique was notified of his admittance, he immediately went to go visit him and stayed by his side for almost 6 hours that first day and continued to visit him daily for the duration of his time at the facility. Enrique assured Eric that he was going to be safe.

Eric was released a few days later and was placed back in his aunt and uncles care. The family reached out to Enrique to assist in the transition back home and also requested to meet with them one on one. The aunt and uncle were having a very hard time deciding if they wanted to keep Eric in their care as he was making it very difficult for the other children in the home well as affecting the aunt and uncles marriage. 

Enrique came to me with concerns of placement breakdown and we researched therapists that would provide family therapy as well as marriage counseling.  The family began attending shortly after and felt they were committed to their family and were not going to give up on Eric.

Two weeks before our trial, Enrique suggested to the department that they hold a meeting to discuss with aunt and uncle the difference between PMC with PCA and adoption.  The placement was fearful that once the trial ended CPS was going to be out of their lives and there would be no one to continue to help with Eric’s behavior.  The meeting was very helpful and an adoption worker was invited to attend to answer any specific questions the family had. 

In the end, termination was granted and the children will be adopted by maternal aunt and uncle. Thanks to Enrique these children did not have to go through this alone and were always assured of that.  He has absolutely made every effort not to let these children down as so many had done in their lives.

Advocate Impact - Enrique Fasci