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Beth Robert’s Advocacy Made a Difference

Had it not been for Beth’s vigilance throughout the case, these children may have remained in an abusive home.  They certainly would not be getting the occupational services that they desperately needed.  Beth spoke up for these boys at every turn and will continue to advocate for them and the services that they need. She continues to be their strong voice and the constant person in the lives of the children.


Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott Calls All Texans to Volunteer

Recently, Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott made a call to action to all Texans. Mrs. Abbott believes that we all have a higher calling and she is spearheading a new “Texanthropy Initiative” to promote volunteerism and service in our local community. The Texas First Lady will not only highlight the importance of volunteering for others, but will elevate those who work through their “Texanthropy” to make our state and cities a better place.