Advocate Impact:  Williams Family Story

This case came to the attention of Child Protective Services (CPS) because of a domestic violence issue. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was called because one of the four children received scrapes and a deep cut during an altercation in the home.  As the technicians were examining the child…



Advocate Tip:  Testifying in Court

As a CASA Advocate, there will likely be times when you will be asked to testify in court about the case you are assigned to. In some situations there may not be a lot of time to prepare prior to being asked to testify in court…



Ongoing Training:  August - September 2014

Full class schedule is now posted on the ‘Ongoing Training’ page…



Growing and Giving

Save the Date:  2nd Annual Gallery of Hope Gala
Kappa Alpha Theta Luncheon Raises Over $16,000 for CASA
CASA Chosen as “Charity of the Month” by the San Antonio Orthopaedic Group
CASA Receives $15,000 from Shield-Ayres Foundation



New Volunteer Training

Many new Advocates mention hearing about CASA through friends, family and other, more tenured volunteers. Invite your friends to learn more about CASA!

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