Advocate Impact:  Joanie McMullan

When Advocate Joanie McMullan took this case, she knew it would be a tough, five children, one of the children, Monica, age 4, was missing.  The biological parents had sold Monica after horrendously burning her hands…



Advocate Tip:  PAL Benefits

PAL (Preparation for Adult Living) benefits are available for youth ages 18 and older who are aging out of the foster care system. All youth should be referred to the PAL program by their CPS caseworker when they turn 16…



Ongoing Training:  December 2014 - January 2015

Full class schedule is now posted on the ‘Ongoing Training’ page…



Growing and Giving

San Antonio Gives
First Book Grant
Women of AT&T Raise $6,000 for CASA



New Volunteer Training

Many new Advocates mention hearing about CASA through friends, family and other, more tenured volunteers. Invite your friends to learn more about CASA!

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