Advocate Impact:  Beth Taylor

Upon hearing the sexual abuse, domestic violence, and parental drug use allegations that led to the removal of a 6 year old and her 1 year old sister, Beth quickly began her advocacy on behalf of the girls…



Advocate Tip:  Psychotropic Medications

In 2012, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission reported that there were 47,888 Texas children in foster care. The Commission’s Update on the Use of Psychotropic Medications in Texas Foster Children states 15,252 of these children were prescribed at least once psychotropic medication…



Ongoing Training:  January - February 2015

Full class schedule is now posted on the ‘Ongoing Training’ page…



Growing and Giving

HEB and THF Host Snacks with Santa
Annual CASA Annual Holiday Celebration
Birdies for Charity



New Volunteer Training

Many new Advocates mention hearing about CASA through friends, family and other, more tenured volunteers. Invite your friends to learn more about CASA!

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