Advocate Impact - Miguel and Amabel Arellano

CASA Volunteers, Miguel and Amabel Arellano signed on their first case in February 2015. Their unwavering commitment to these children and all the support they have and continue to provide, is commendable.



Advocate Tip: Advocating for PMC Children

Children who are in the Permanent Managing Conservatorship (PMC) of Child Protective Services are very often in need of a CASA volunteer who will be able to get to know the individual child and advocate for them while they remain in CPS care.



Ongoing Training: November - December 2015

Full class schedule is now posted on the ‘Ongoing Training’ page.



Growing and Giving

CASA had a Wild Fun Safari at the San Antonio Zoo
Thanks for your immense support Capital Group
The 3rd Annual Gallery of Hope is Sold Out
Come Join us at the Blue Box Bar for a Great Opportunity to Support CASA



New Volunteer Training

Many new Advocates mention hearing about CASA through friends, family and other volunteers, stating that it was discussions with these individuals that solidified their desire to advocate on behalf of abused and neglected children.

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