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Josiah Williams Memorial

Josiah Williams passed away on December 27, 2012 at the tender age of five. He died of malnutrition and alleged abuse. At the time of his death, he weighed only 35 pounds.  His siblings were removed from the home they shared with Josiah and their parents; and, on January 9, 2013, they officially entered into State protective custody. That same day, they were appointed a CASA Advocate.

Because his siblings were removed from their home under protective order, and their parents were then arrested and charged with injury to a child, Josiah’s brother and sister were not permitted to attend the formal funeral that family members arranged.  Josiah’s eight-year-old brother expressed to his CASA Advocate a need for closure. As such, she took it upon herself to plan a private ceremony in honor of Josiah’s short life and to allow his siblings the opportunity to say their own special goodbyes.

Josiah William’s memorial service with his siblings was held on January 22, 2013 at Natural Bridge Caverns.  The CASA Advocate assigned to the case, as well as one of her volunteer peers, several CASA staff members, and CPS investigators, were in attendance to support Josiah’s siblings. Also there to help the children with their grief was Pastor Larry Andrews from The Community Bible Church in Bulverde. The children were finally able to say goodbye to their brother in their own way, releasing balloons into the great blue sky and watching them float far into the distance.  They then shared treats provided by their CASA Advocate in honor of Josiah’s favorite movie, The Toy Story.

One single cupcake was left on a picnic table for Josiah by his brother in hopes that he would “enjoy it in heaven”.

This is the impact that one volunteer can have on the life of a child.

Click here to view photos from the memorial.

Josiah Williams Memorial