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Advocate Impact: Corkie Playfair

Corkie has embodied the role of a CASA Advocate on each of her cases. It was evident from the first meeting with Corkie that she was passionate about baby Anna’s permanency. Corkie was one of the most influential factors in Anna’s stay in care, and her permanent outcome.

Baby Anna entered care after being born with methadone in her system. She went home with her mother from the hospital but was removed due to mother’s non-compliance with her safety plan. Throughout her first year of life, she was moved into four different placements. Each time, Corkie was able to have a healthy relationship with the foster homes and communicate with them on a regular basis. Medically, Corkie was able to advocate for Anna’s physical health with occupational therapy.

During the beginning of the case, the mother was very involved with her family plan of service. She was engaged in her drug rehabilitation, parent-child visits and counseling. Corkie was able to have open communication with the mother, in which Corkie would relay pertinent information to the caseworker and her supervisor. The mother initially gave a false name of the biological father. Due to Corkie’s ability to communicate with the mother, she would reveal that she believed the father worked for the city and give Corkie his first name. Together, the caseworker and Corkie, were able to piece together the identity of the biological father. More than 5 months into the case, the caseworker gave him a paternity test, which proved he was the biological father. Quickly, Corkie began interviewing the biological father and gained feedback for the caseworker. The biological father identified that he had no idea that he had a baby, and had only met the mother one night. Mother’s involvement at this time was inconsistent and not engaged, and Corkie continued to stress the importance of a family connection through visitation. After contacting caseworker and supervisor, we were able to agree to begin visitation with Anna and her father.

Soon after visits began with Anna and her father, Corkie began collaborating on a transitional plan with the caseworker. During the reunification staffing, Corkie identified strengths within the father: support system, employment and protective capacity. Caseworker publically stated that with Corkie’s advocacy, she was able to greatly help facilitate the permanency of baby Anna. Corkie mentioned concerns the father’s sister had on being a full-time childcare provider for Anna. She was able to coordinate with the previous foster home, in order to relieve the stress of childcare on the sister.

Corkie Playfair was an instrumental role in finding and achieving permanency for baby Anna. Her diligence and motivation to seek Anna’s needs and best interests were at the forefront of every interaction she had on this case. Corkie has significantly affected not only Anna’s life, but also the new life of the biological father. He has expressed infinite appreciation for Corkie and her involvement in Anna’s life. She is a perfect illustration of the important role our CASA Advocates play on the lives of foster children.

Advocate Impact: Corkie Playfair