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Advocate Impact Marianne Delgado

When Marianne signed onto her case Vanessa, Jennifer, and Mario were still living with their mother. However, during visits to the children at their mother’s home, Marianne noticed several issues. The children were not attending therapy as scheduled, the home was dirty and in disarray, there were issues with transportation to and from school, and there were concerns about people mom was letting in the house and around the children. Marianne relayed her concerns to CPS and began doing joint visits with the caseworker. Marianne also contacted the school and therapist to talk with them about how the children were doing. After speaking with the school, Marianne learned that the oldest child, Vanessa, really wanted to participate in choir but was unable to do so because of the family’s transportation issues, so Marianne volunteered to assist in picking her up from school after choir so that she could participate.

Marianne continued to express her concerns about the home and mom’s ability to meet the children’s needs. Marianne was especially worried about Jennifer’s mental health and expressed concerns that she may not be receiving proper therapy and medications as prescribed. Eventually CPS had to remove the children from the home and place them in an emergency shelter. Marianne advocated for CPS to reach out to family members and the father in an attempt to locate a better placement for the children. As a result, the children were able to be placed with a maternal great-aunt who is currently caring for them.

Marianne was able to successfully advocate for an extension of the case. During all of this, Marianne has managed to maintain a good relationship with the mother, even after she made it clear that she was in favor of removing the children from her. Marianne regularly communicates with the mother and has continued to encourage her to make positive changes in her life so that she can continue to have a relationship with her children.

Because of Advocates like Marianne Delgado, Child Advocates San Antonio is able to make differences in the lives of children who are in the Bexar county foster care system, and beyond. Thank you, Marianne, for all that you’ve done and continue to do.

Advocate Impact Marianne Delgado