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Advocate Impact:  Tammy Rogers

Advocate Tammy Rogers’ third case involved two sets of twins, Daniel and David, age 8, and Brenda and Brandi, age 5. CPS removed the children from their home after they were left with an inappropriate caregiver who physically abused them. The mother was unable to obtain custody due to a positive drug test. The siblings were separated - the girls placed with their father and the boys placed in foster care.

As soon as she picked up the case, Tammy began working diligently to make sure the children’s physical, mental, and social needs were being met. She quickly received resistance from the girls’ father and had difficulty visiting the home. She started to see the girls at school and attended supervised visits at the home. After speaking to their teachers, Tammy discovered that the girls were struggling in school, failing in the bilingual program. Tammy advocated to re-enroll them in English speaking classes.

Tammy had regular contact with the boys and was there to support the foster parent when the boys had behavioral issues. Since they were also struggling in school, Tammy ensured that the school performed an evaluation for special needs. She also made sure therapy was occurring as needed.

After a few months, David made an allegation of sexual abuse against the girls’ father and then quickly retracted his statement, saying he lied. Because of Tammy’s CASA status, she was the only one who was able to obtain CPS records from the previous state where the family had lived. She learned that the father had received a disposition of “reason to believe” for the sexual abuse of David. Because of the many previous cases with CPS, Tammy requested that a guardian ad litem be appointed to help with proper representation in court.

After Tammy learned about the family’s history with CPS in other states, she wanted to ensure that the girls had a therapist that was not chosen by the father in the hopes that this would limit his influence. A week before the trial, the girls informed their new therapist about recent physical abuse, were removed from their father, and placed in foster care.

Through Tammy’s constant communication and ongoing efforts, she was able to find family members who could take the children. At trial, the judge decided to split the case in two and terminated the parents’ rights for the boys. Tammy found relatives in another state for the boys; and the case, which now only involved Brenda and Brandi, was extended. Over the next few months, the girls began exhibiting physically aggressive and sexualized behaviors. They were moved to three different foster homes, and they continued to struggle in school. Tammy was their only constant, continuing her dedicated advocacy.

Before trial, mediation was held; and, after several hours, an agreement was reached. The girls would be placed with their paternal grandparents, and the maternal aunt and uncle would have possessory rights. The father was only allowed supervised visits, and the mother’s rights were restricted to no contact.

Thanks to all of Tammy’s hard work and determination, the children on this case have found forever homes with their family members.