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Amy Mulholland Walks the Camino

Advocate Amy Mulholland recently walked the Camino de Santiago in honor of CASA.  Below are some of her thoughts on the experience.  Pictures can be found here.

“Pilgrims have walked the Camino de Santiago since the 9th century. Early Christians walked it for penance or as an act of meditation or prayer. Today, people walk for many reasons; the university group that I went with was considering it from a cultural and ecological perspective. With that spirit in mind, I felt like I wanted to use the six days of walking as a personal reflective experience. I have been so moved by the staff, volunteers and children that I have met as a CASA and Domestic Violence volunteer and I knew I wanted to focus on that.

I walked more than 80 miles in six days and it was certainly very difficult at times. To remind me of my CASA family, I carried a card with the CASA logo in my backpack. Each day, I placed it somewhere along the trail and took a picture. When the walking was difficult, the thought of these children inspired me and I used the time to reflect on how to best help the children I encounter. I hope that I will be the kind of volunteer that the children need. If my walk can encourage or inspire others to help abuse and neglected children even better.”

We are so grateful for Amy and all of our other Advocates.  They are such a huge blessing to the abused and neglected children of Bexar County and we are grateful to serve alongside them.

Amy Mulholland Walks the Camino