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Art & Soul with National Charity League

On Monday, June 10, CASA hosted an Art & Soul event with National Charity League (NCL). NCL is a service-based organization committed to fostering the mother-daughter relationship through philanthropic, leadership and cultural activities together and in peer groups.

This collaborative Art & Soul was centered around the creation of self portraits of the CASA children, providing both them and the mother-daughter participants from NCL the chance to work together on a common project. The resulting pieces will be used to help illustrate  the purpose of Art & Soul at various other CASA events, as well as to allow audiences the opportunity to observe the lens through which CASA children and youth view themselves. 

There were two specific projects executed on this day to cater to the varying age levels of children who were in attendance. Both projects were multi-step activities using various mediums such as paints and fabrics.

Thanks to the NCL volunteers, as well as the participating CASA Advocates and children, many amazing pieces were created, all of which will  be used to continue building our Art & Soul gallery and telling our story of service to the children of this community.

Click here to view pictures from this event.

Art & Soul with National Charity League