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Art & Soul with Zachry Corporation

On Saturday, May 4, CASA hosted an Art & Soul event with Zachry Corporation. The purpose of the Art & Soul events is to allow our CASA children the opportunity to experience a morning creating artwork in a fun, safe environment with their Advocates and community groups such as the Zachry Volunteer Council.  These children, due to temporary placements, emotional turmoil, and limited means are unable to enjoy many of the basic activities that most children take for granted. Additionally, it is a chance for community members for whom traditional advocacy may not be feasible to engage on a more personal level with the children our agency serves. This is important for dispelling the many stigmas attached with child abuse and for furthering awareness and education of the issue.

This most recent Art & Soul was centered around self-portraits. The project was a multi-step activity using various mediums that allowed the Zachry volunteers to directly interact with our CASA children, making this event valuable for both parties. While the resulting self portraits will be used to continue building our Art & Soul gallery, each child was able to take a second piece with them as a memento of the day. 

The success of the event is best described by one of our CASA Advocates who took part in this Art & Soul:

"Monica had never been in any type of learning environment before, so Art & Soul was special. Her mother gave her away years ago and her caregiver didn't know how to enroll her in any programs with no guardianship paperwork." - Joanie McMullan, CASA Advocate

Click here to view pictures from this event.

Art & Soul with Zachry Corporation