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Arthur’s Story

Arthur Wilson has been a CASA volunteer for nine years, advocating for 90 children on 28 cases.  Currently, he is working several cases with both young children and older youth.

One recent case involved a 17 year-old mother and three of her children.  As he always does, Arthur approached this case with an open mind and with the belief that every parent has the potential to succeed.

Arthur met this young mother, Susie, and was pleased to learn that she was employed.  She was participating in her parent/child visits and was working to complete the service plan that Child Protective Services (CPS) was requiring of her.  Susie knew that, without the help of any family or the father of the children, it was going to be a challenging journey. Arthur continued to encourage her throughout the case.

Arthur would observe many visits and noted that Susie was always loving and kind to her children.  As the months passed, Susie remained employed and was continually committed to regaining custody of her children.  As a result, the family is now back together and Susie is getting any and all of the assistance she needs to help ensure success for herself and her three children.

This is just one of the many cases that Arthur has worked.  As his supervisor, it is unbelievable to see all the lives he has touched, be it through extraordinary measures or through simple means such as sending birthday cards to the children he has advocated for so that they know they are not forgotten.  Even more astounding are the number of children who stay in touch and continue to contact Arthur even after they leave care.

Recently, a high school graduation announcement addressed to Arthur Wilson arrived at the CASA office.  It was sent by a previously served youth who wanted Arthur at the ceremony to watch her walk the stage and receive her diploma.  Arthur did attend, and the youth was extremely grateful that he chose to be a part of her celebration.   He also recently attended a graduation for another young man that looks up to Arthur and sees him as his only real male role model.  Due in great part to Arthur’s support, this youth will go on to begin college in the fall.

I can still remember when a young adult on one of Arthur’s cases wanted desperately to play a sport.  Because the kinship family could not afford the required uniform, Arthur donated the items, thereby allowing her the opportunity to participate in the same activities as any other child who desires to do so.

Although exceptional testaments to his service, these examples are not unique or unusual; as there are many children who will remember Arthur for all that he has done by advocating for their needs and best interests and by helping to make their lives feel as “normal” as possible.

Arthur attends many adoption ceremonies for the children on his cases.  He often receives calls from the foster family, relative family or even the children’s attorney.   They appreciate Arthur for his diligence, kindness and most of all his humbleness; and they want him to be present as they celebrate. 

The Judges know and respect Arthur and always stop to read his valuable court reports.  Arthur is highly respected by caseworkers, therapists and educators throughout the community.

CASA thanks Arthur for all that he does and the thousands of miles he travels each and every year on behalf of the children he serves.

Arthur’s Story