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CASA Balloon Release to Honor Child Abuse Awareness

On April 8th, CASA held a Balloon Release at our offices with community leaders and members gathered to honor victims of child abuse and neglect. We released over 200 balloons in solidarity with those we have lost due to crime and abuse, while using this moment to highlight the importance of our work and the work other organizations do for crime victims.  

During the Balloon Release, speakers Judge Peter Sakai, San Antonio District Attorney Nico Lahood, Senator Carlos Uresti, CPS Regional Director Erica Banuelos, Police Deputy Chief George Saidler, and CASA President/CEO Rick Cooke all shared comments focused on the strong work of our dedicated Advocates and a joint commitment to justice for the abused and neglected children of San Antonio and Bexar County. We, as an organization, are so thankful for their support and hold the deepest gratitude for the hard work and tireless pursuit of justice they do for these children every day. Each of these individuals, along with all of those in attendance, are dedicated to fighting against child abuse every day and are on the front lines ready to Advocate what is best for these children.

April is National Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month where the community joins together in solidarity to recognize the vast issues of child abuse and how we can change their world for the better. Now is the time to commit to be part of the solution to combat child abuse and neglect. You can achieve this by joining CASA in our commitment to protecting our most vulnerable children from abuse and neglect by becoming a volunteer or making a difference by donating today.

Please visit our Facebook page to view pictures from the Balloon Release.

CASA Balloon Release to Honor Child Abuse Awareness