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CASA Joins In Recognizing Orphan Sunday

Header:  CASA Joins In Recognizing Orphan Sunday

CASA will stand together with organizations across the globe to provide a unified voice for the voiceless on Orphan Sunday. This day of recognition, established in 2002 by a local church in Zambia, seeks to spread awareness to care for orphans who do not know borders or boundaries; only their desire for someone to stand up for what is in their best interest.  You can read more about the history of Orphan Sunday here.

Here at CASA, we work tirelessly for those abused and neglected children who need it most. We partner with groups, like Northside Church of Christ and Clergy Community Advisory Board, to not only tell San Antonio our story and the impacts we make, but provide support to bring the community together and help solve the child abuse and neglect epidemic. By getting involved this Orphan Sunday, you can help serve the needs of orphans and the at-risk children - something as simple as liking and sharing our social media posts can go a long way!

Join us in recognizing Orphan Sunday to explore and respond to the community need for greater advocacy for children in foster care and making a difference by volunteering or making a shared investment in CASA today! If you would like us to speak to your organization, business, or church, please contact Leticia Hernandez, Recruitment and Training Manager, at 210-225-7070 or lhernandez@casa-satx.org.

CASA Joins In Recognizing Orphan Sunday