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CASA Receives $40,000 Grant from National CASA

Child Advocates San Antonio (CASA) has been awarded $40,000 by National CASA to assist in the development of a more diverse volunteer base. 

Studies show children respond to Advocates who are from a similar background. The children we serve are primarily Hispanic (65%) and male (49%); but historically, our Advocates have been primarily Anglo (55%) and female (81%). Because of this, we have worked diligently to increase our recruitment efforts into specific demographics in an attempt to mirror the children we serve.

Consider CASA Advocate, Beth. Beth’s CASA children are bilingual but feel more comfortable speaking Spanish; as the six year old put it, “I think and dream in Spanish.” Yet, these children were placed in an English-speaking class. The three youngest children were struggling in school, with one failing both first and second grade and a sibling failing both third and fourth grade. They faced language and systemic barriers that accompanied them as they moved through the foster care system. In the last year, these children have been in four different schools and multiple homes, often leaving their educational needs forgotten or ignored.  Increasing the cultural competence of our volunteers has made it possible to better serve the children of San Antonio and Bexar County. This effort has made it possible for Child Advocates San Antonio to become the leading CASA agency in Texas with the most diverse population of advocates.

CASA Receives $40,000 Grant from National CASA