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CASA Volunteer, Ed Olson, Receives “Hero for Children” Award

CASA would like to extend a sincere congratulations to our loyal volunteer, Ed Olson, who was recently awarded the “Hero for Children” award by the State Board of Education. Each year, The Texas Education Agency recognizes individuals who volunteer time, effort, and support to public schools and their students; Mr. Olson was awarded this prize for his outstanding volunteer service to school children in San Antonio. He was among 15 individuals nominated in the state, with only two nominees from San Antonio. 

We have had the pleasure of having Mr. Olson as a CASA Advocate for 1.5 years. In that time, he has advocated for more than a dozen children. His current case involves a set of siblings who are in separate placements. Mr. Olson has gone above and beyond, by making roundtrip ventures to Kerrville to ensure these children have consistent sibling-time. As the case came to a close, Mr. Olson advocated in court that these siblings be placed together. The Judge issued this charge to CPS by way of court order, and turned Ed’s vision into a reality.  He has been a voice for these children and has made a long lasting impact on their lives.

Within our organization, Mr. Olson has elevated himself to the volunteer position of Peer Coordinator, where he utilizes his experiences to support new volunteers with mentorship and guidance. CASA is extremely proud of Mr. Olson and look forward to his continued advocacy within his cases. Congratulations, Ed, for being a hero to children in our community.

For nomination information you may visit the Texas Education Agency’s website here.

CASA Volunteer, Ed Olson, Receives “Hero for Children” Award