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Child Advocates San Antonio Celebrates Martin Luther King Day on 1/16/17

Child Advocates San Antonio (CASA) had the privilege to walk in the MLK March for the first time. Not only was it CASA’s first year but it was also the 30th Anniversary of the March here in San Antonio, Texas.  The first March was held on January 19, 1987, by the Commission and City of San Antonio - growing each year and becoming the largest walk in the nation. Although the March has only been around for the last 30 years, the history dates back even further.  The Rev. Dr. Raymond “R.A: Callies Sr.”, who was a teacher and  pastor here in San Antonio, began leading processions shortly after Dr. King’s death in 1968. The Reverend worked day and night to honor Mr. King by getting a statue built, as well as getting the community involved.  This year’s theme for 2017 is: King’s Legacy for Peace is Justice for All. Remember! Celebrate! Act!

CASA volunteers, staff, family, and friends came out and participated in the walk this year.  CASA was wonderfully represented and all came out to celebrate Dr. King’s legacy and history. The 2.75 mile March started on Freedom Bridge and continued down MLK Drive, ending at Pittman Sullivan Park. CASA marched alongside thousands of individuals including different organizations, university members, civic groups and many others.  We were able to bring awareness to the community about the children in the foster care system and how to make a difference in our community.  According to DFPS in 2015, a little over 22% of our children in foster care were of African American decent. African American children also spend a longer time in the foster care system waiting for adoption in comparison to other children. CASA was able to share information and the message that all children in foster care can benefit from individuals in our community stepping up and being a voice.

Thank you to all the incredible volunteers and staff who were able join us and celebrate such a historical day not only for Martin Luther King, but for CASA as well. We look forward to future marches and any opportunities in our community to come out and speak about the huge need to give kids in foster care a voice in the court system. Thousands of kids are waiting daily for our community to give them a voice. Give them a new tomorrow by volunteering today!

Child Advocates San Antonio Celebrates Martin Luther King Day on 1/16/17