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Consider CASA In Your Legacy Giving

There are many ways to make a difference by giving to CASA. CASA volunteers provide invaluable contributions through their efforts when they are appointed for cases.  The time spent with the children and advocating for their best interests have proven to enhance children’s chances for a better future.  Advocates and others can also help even when they are not actively volunteering through wills or living trusts, known as charitable bequests.  Advocate Mike Mathews recently informed CASA of such a gift by naming Child Advocates San Antonio as one of the charities in their living trust.  “My wife and I have always included several charitable organizations in our will, so it was a no-brainer to add CASA to the list.  I feel really good about including CASA because I know firsthand that the money will go to support the advocates who work directly with the children,” states Mike.  Charitable bequests are one way to keep helping San Antonio’s children in need and ensuring CASA’s long-term ability to serve the children in our community.

We are so grateful for Mike’s support and all the ways he helps improve our city’s future by volunteering as an Advocate, by giving regularly through financial gifts, and for including CASA in his legacy giving.

If you’d like to learn more about how to include CASA and help provide a stable future for San Antonio’s children, contact your lawyer or CASA today!

Consider CASA In Your Legacy Giving