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Get in touch with your Church for CASA!

Recently, our Texas House and Senate passed measures to overhaul our overburden child welfare system and instituted more community-based programs to engage in common-sense solutions like the work we do here at CASA. After our tireless efforts to ask for this increased support to the Texas Legislature, House Speaker Joe Straus said, “Today the House showed that improving child protection is among our highest priorities,” …. “We have taken a couple of very important steps toward providing better protection and care for children in terrible circumstances, with more to come in the weeks ahead.”  Within this bill, it also strengthens a great system that connects churches and faith based organizations directly with the children who need it most, CarePortal.

The CarePortal, started by The Global Orphan Project on March 1, 2015, provides a direct connection to churches and CPS caseworkers to alert these organizations of the dire services these children in foster care need and how they can help. It helps bridge the needs of foster children and families directly to the help they can instantly receive. CarePortal helps your church build a network to support and sustain the families and children that are helped through simple acts that we often take for granted. According to CarePortal Impact, Texas alone impacted 1,598 children with 356 active Churches. With increased support by the State, this program will continue to expand and connect the 228 waiting churches to even more families and children.

Here at CASA, our Advocates are essential in assisting The CarePortal. By relaying the needs of the families to the caseworkers and local churches, not only do our Volunteers make a measurable difference for these children by making sure their needs are met, but act as the active voice, connecting with them with vital services through their caseworkers and Care Portal.

Today, make it a priority to reach out to your local churches through CarePortal here and find out how you can get yourself and your church involved. Contact Forrest Miller, the Diversity Recruitment Specialist, at fmiller@casa-satx.org or 210-225-707 to find ways your church can work together with CASA and CarePortal so we can make a difference together.

Get in touch with your Church for CASA!