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Girl Power!

On Wednesday, May 8, Girl Scout Troop 858 from Encino Park Elementary visited the CASA office to make a donation.  As part of the third-grade girls' community service project, they collected stuffed toys (292 to be exact!) from their families, friends, and school mates to share with children who are less fortunate. "We collected and donated the toys because we were thinking of others and not ourselves", said 8-year-old, Audrey.

Included in the donation were four boxes of brand new Pillow Pets, a gift given by Community Bible Church and inspired by the story of Jacob McConahay, a young boy who was diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of 6 years old.

CASA is grateful to these girls for their thoughtfulness, their generosity, and for their demonstration of what it means to truly be a community leader.  Way to go, Troop 858!

Girl Power!