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Join CASA in Recognizing May as Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month and this gives CASA an opportunity to help spread mental health awareness to our community and share ways you can get involved to make a difference for the CASA children and teens who suffer from mental and behavioral issues.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “mental and behavioral health is the largest unmet health need for children and teens in foster care.” Children and teens face a whole host of issues related to mental health, and those in foster care who face constant and often sudden transition, short term and long term placement changes, and caregivers going in and out of their lives leads to significant mental health problems. The risk of removal and the fear of where they will go next gives rise to serious concerns for the well-being of these children in regards to their mental health and how we as a community can help alleviate these issues. Experiences that these children go through in the child welfare system are often times traumatic and need an extra pair of eyes ensuring they receive the proper treatment they deserve.

Now is the perfect time to recognize the importance of Mental Health Awareness Month and helping a child or teen in need of mental health services. By becoming a CASA volunteer, you can play a critical role in helping these children receive the services they need most. If you’re not able to become an Advocate, please consider donating to be there for an abused and neglected child.

Sometimes all it takes is someone to just ask these children, “how are you feeling today?”

You can learn more about Mental Health Month by visiting Mental Health America for more tools and information on you can help raise awareness and be there for someone who needs help. Make sure to watch this Mental Health Hero video with Judge Daphne Previti Austin of the 289th Juvenile District Court, Bexar County Sheriff Susan L. Pamerleau, Judge Peter Sakai of the 225th District Court, CASA Vice President of Programs, Yolanda Valenzuela, and Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff on how you can make a difference during Mental Health Month. 

Join CASA in Recognizing May as Mental Health Month