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Join us in kicking off the 2nd Annual SAPD NNO Safety Fair!

On Saturday, July 15th, CASA was out at the 2nd Annual SAPD-NNO Safety Fair to kick off the National Night Out (NNO) event in Texas on Tuesday, October 3rd! The first NNO in 1984 involved 2.5 million neighbors’ nationwide covering 400 communities. Today, it covers 16 thousand communities and 38 million neighbors!

The NNO program supports neighbors alongside SAPD, home owner associations, schools, churches and community organizations to generate comradery in our city. The event encourages our police officers and neighbors to positively come together and make our neighborhoods safer and to fight crime by turning on your porch lights. In addition, they highly encourage neighbors to meet one another, build relationships and in turn build stronger neighborhoods.

If you would like to have your neighborhood get involved, you can register online at http://www.sanantonio.gov/SAPD/National-Night-Out/NNO-Online-Application. If you are interested in inviting CASA out to your event, email our Recruitment and Training Coordinator, Melanie Jauregui (mjauregui@casa-satx.org).



Join us in kicking off the 2nd Annual SAPD NNO Safety Fair!