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Join Us in Recognizing Black History Month!

At CASA, we know Black History Month is a time of reflection on the many great impacts the African American community contributed to the United States and the importance of representing the underrepresented children in the foster system.  

Black History Month, originally a two week historical celebration between the birthdays of President Abraham Lincoln and abolitionist Fredrick Douglass, was started by historian Carter G. Woodson in 1926 and recognizes the importance of African American history in the United States and focuses on the importance of the Civil Rights movements for Americans of every background. From Harriet Tubman to President Barack Obama, this country has produced some of the greatest individuals to positively impact society and this February is just one small way we can celebrate and recognize their great contributions. Most importantly, we must take a look at the ways we can improve upon the strides that were made from those before us and best utilize their example to address the needs of the children we serve.

One area that we can make a difference in for African American children is disproportionality. Too often, children of African American descent go underrepresented in the foster care system. With 4,400 African American children legally removed from their home in Texas by Child Protective Services in 2016, representing over 25% of all the children removed; the need for diverse representation for them is more crucial than ever. Once in foster care, these children remain in the system on average longer than most children and lag farther behind in school with each passing day. These disproportionalities are a chronic crisis in San Antonio and Texas that not only affect African American children, but reflect the dire need for more volunteers. This pertinent issue can be addressed by joining hand in hand with those in the African American community to become a CASA volunteer.

Our volunteers ensure these children in foster care are heard; from their most basic needs to understanding where they come from and what they’re going through. Children with a CASA volunteer are out of this system 8 months faster and are half as likely to go back. Just imagine how fast we could decrease disproportionality for these children if we had more African American volunteers!

To truly pay tribute to the great leaders we recognize during Black History Month, we must rise up to address this issue. Take a moment to acknowledge the challenges of all foster youth, but particularly African American foster youth.  We’ve seen from our nation’s history that transformative change can occur in the face of insurmountable odds.  It’s time to again come together and be a voice for children across the city. We shape our society every day and determine how we face our future. Just as we recognize the turmoil African Americans have faced throughout history, you can help these foster children overcome their adversity. Become a CASA and be that difference by starting your application process today!

Join Us in Recognizing Black History Month!