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Langmore Photography

The Langmore philosophy reflects a desire to capture the soul of the subject. It seeks to reveal intimate relationships between brothers and sisters, children and parents, mothers and newborns. It searches for individuals unaffected.

This philosophy is what led Will Langmore to CASA. As the children’s cases come to an end and adoptions are finalized or reunifications occur, Will provides the opportunity for the families and advocates to gather together to capture the joy of the occasion. Each photo highlights the celebration of a successful outcome and the hope for a brighter future.

Through his photographs, Will creates a visual narrative of what CASA is about as an organization. His passion for our agency and the children we serve is evident in his dedication to increase the resources necessary for us to continue to grow.

Will says, “My intent is for this project to create awareness and educate people about CASA. This also gives me a sense of satisfaction, knowing that I'm making a difference in the community.”

Every family receives a donated photograph as a heartfelt keepsake. Additionally, a photograph of the Advocate and children is given to CASA as a thank you for the service we provide to the abused and neglected children in Bexar County.

Langmore Photography’s generous donation to CASA will provide the opportunity for us to continue to share our mission with the community through a visual representation of our amazing Advocates and the children they serve.

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Langmore Photography