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New Beginnings

Our Advocates are hard at work this year to ensure we reach our goal of helping 1,950 abused and neglected children.  As we start this New Year, we are continuing the tradition of aiding abused and neglected children in the community.

We are moving at an accelerated pace with the kickoff of our 2015 Tour of Champions and CASA Road Shows! This is all a build up to what will be our most successful Breakfast of Champions (BoC) yet! By becoming a CHAMP for CASA, you will help provide an Advocate for the children in our community. A CHAMP is a supporter of CASA through a monthly donation to help in the recruiting, training, and supervision of our court appointed Advocates. We know that with the support of the San Antonio community, we move one step closer of having an Advocate for every child in need.

Additionally, we are looking forward to meeting our 2015 goal of welcoming over 565 new volunteers and Advocates to the CASA family! You can become involved at any time, just visit our website and fill out our Application to become a child Advocate.

As leaders in the community, we cannot stop there. Whether it be your time, donations, or verbal support, CASA needs even more of your help this coming year to reach the 1,950 abused and neglected children in San Antonio. For more information, please contact Forrest Miller at 210.225.7070 or fmiller@casa-satx.org. And make sure to check out our website to sign up for our newsletter and like our Facebook!

New Beginnings