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Please welcome all of our new Advocates!

Join CASA in welcoming our new class of Advocates to join in the fight against child abused and neglect in San Antonio and Bexar County! These new Advocates will work towards being that constancy in a child’s life to truly make a difference in our community.  

This Advocate group produced a graduating class of 43 amazing community volunteers. The Advocates went through an intensive three week training that prepared them for the experience of advocating for abused/neglected children in the court system. During the training, CASA staff covered issues pertaining to the importance of diversity, how to work with the various agencies and people involved during the case, and ultimately how to be a successful Advocate.  All of their training culminated into a swearing-in ceremony where Associate Judge Richard Garcia of the San Antonio and Bexar County Children’s Court had the new Advocates take an oath to certify their representation for the best interests of the abused and neglected children under court jurisdiction.

If you would like to know more on how to become an Advocate and join our next class of dedicated volunteers, please sign up for our next Information Session on October 13th from 5:30-6:30 pm here or sign up for our next daytime classes beginning on October 13th here.

Make sure to see the pictures from our Swearing in Ceremony on Facebook here

Please welcome all of our new Advocates!